RAEMENT — A name of French origin, the use of which is almost entirely confined to France, south-western Belgium, Luxembourg and western Switzerland.


RAIMENT — Although a fairly common surname in England from the 16th to the 19th century, few records of it can be found in the 20th century. The surname is now almost extinct, having mutated to "Rayment".


RAIMOND — This surname was in widespread use throughout Britain from the 15th century onward, but appears to have almost died out by the mid-1800s, having mutated to "Raymond".


RAIMONDI — The Italian form of the surname "Raimond", currently found mainly in southern Europe and North America. The Society has so far carried out only minimal research into the origins of this variant.


RAMANT — This appears to be an early form of the surname "Raiment", and has so far only been found in old English parish registers and the like.


RAMENT — This also appears to be an early form of the surname "Raiment", only found in old English parish registers etc.


RAYMAN — Although now used as a surname by Asian immigrants to the UK, its true origins in England can be traced back to the middle ages.


RAYMANT — A rare variant of the surname "Rayment", predominantly located in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.


RAYMEN — Much less common than the surname "Rayment," of which it is thought to be a corruption.


RAYMEND — A very rare name, almost exclusive to Britain and the USA. It is thought to have originated as a misspelling of the surname "Raymond".


RAYMENT — The first surname to be researched by the Society. In many cases this shares a common root with the surname "Raymond" and can now be found in more than thirty countries around the World. Found mainly in the home counties of England (notably Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire) from the early sixteenth century onward.


RAYMER — The Society has itself only done minimal research into this surname because it was officially registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies for many years. The registrant herself carried out considerable research and established that "Raymer" is not a variant of the Rayment surname. The Society has nevertheless included in its database some of the records researched (such as Civil Registration records for example) for elimination purposes.


RAYMON — Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT an abbreviation of the surname "Raymond" but appears to be a quite separate surname with origins in southern Europe. Its use is widespread in Latin American countries.


RAYMOND — A common surname in both England and France for at least five hundred years. Now also fairly common in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. During the mid-nineteenth century, the largest concentration of people bearing the surname Raymond in Britain was located in the far west of Wales. The name is also commonly used as a forename throughout the English-speaking World.


RAYMONT — A surname that seems to have originated in the area around Tiverton, Devon, England, during the mid-seventeenth century. Substantial numbers of people living in Australia, England, and North America currently bear this surname. (The name is now also used as a forename in the United States of America.)


RAYMOUNT — An extremely rare name, found only in England in the nineteenth century and thought simply to be a corruption of "Raymunt".


RAYMUNT — An unusual name, found almost exclusively in the United States of America. There are, however, very small numbers in Australia, England (prior to the twentieth century) and Germany. Although its origins are somewhat obscure, there is evidence to suggest that it is simply a variant of the Rayment surname.


REIMUNT — The first recorded instance of this name in England is that of William Reimunt in the "Pipe Rolls of Hampshire" dated 1207. The surname can also be found in parts of eastern Europe (such as Finland, Poland and Prussia) during the 19th century.


REJMENT — Most commonly found in Poland but the Society has also located small numbers in Canada, Sweden and the United Kingdom. (N.B. The name "Rejment", when pronounced in Polish, sounds exactly the same as the name "Rayment" in English.)


REYMENT — Found in Devon, England from the 1550s onwards. However, since the mid-1860ís it is more common to the South of Australia, especially Melbourne and the surrounding area. The US state of Wisconsin is also now home to several dozen families bearing the Reyment surname.


WAYMENT — The Society has yet to establish the origin of this surname, research into which has only just begun.




In May 2007 the Society embarked upon an innovative project through which it hopes to establish the relationship, if any, of each the above surnames to the others. This entails the carrying out of a series of DNA tests on various living males in an attempt to determine exactly how they are related to each other by examining a specific part of their Y-chromosomes.


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