The Society’s on-line records are only available to members and are therefore password protected. Although members are welcome to change their passwords as often as they wish, it is important to understand that changes can sometimes take up to twenty-four hours to come into effect.


Members may use any password of their choice, provided that it is not already in use, subject to the following format restrictions:

  1. Passwords must have a minimum of five and a maximum of fourteen characters.
  2. They may consist entirely of letters or of numerals or a combination of both, but letters with supersigns (for example å, ç, é, ê, ñ, or ü) are not admissible.
  3. Upper and lower case letters may be used in any order.
  4. User IDs cannot be used as passwords.
  5. Passwords must not contain the letters "raym" in that order.

Having chosen a suitable password, members should send it by e-mail, together with their name and telephone number, to: using "Password Registration" as the subject of the message. It is important for security reasons that membership numbers are NOT included in such messages.




User IDs are based entirely upon membership numbers and consist of a single lower case letter followed immediately by a series of numbers. Thus member number H 2096 would be allocated the user ID "h2096".


New members will have been given a membership number upon joining the Society and members who have lost or forgotten their membership numbers may obtain them from the Membership Secretary.




When your User Name and Password are required, the password box shown below will appear in the centre of your computer screen. If the box does not appear exactly as shown below, it is more than likely that your browser’s settings are not correct.


Please refer any problems regarding the use of passwords to:
(This page last updated 25-1-2005)

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