Members are respectfully reminded that their membership subscriptions run from 1st April to 31st March each year.   The good news is that, despite rising costs, the annual subscription fee remains pegged at just 4-50 Sterling for yet another year.

Sterling cheques should be made payable to "The Rayment Society" and posted to the Membership Secretary, whose address can be found in the list of committee members on the website.   In order to avoid confusion it is very important that membership numbers are written on the back of all cheques (because a large number of members share the same surname of course!)

Members who have an on-line UK bank account will probably find it more convenient to pay their 4.50 annual subscription renewal by direct transfer, using the following details of the Society's bank account:
  * Account:
* Bank:
* Sort Code:
* Account Number:
Rayment Society
HSBC Bank plc
Please ensure that a membership number is included when paying by this method.

Overseas members who find difficulty in obtaining a Sterling cheque are welcome to contact the Society for details of how to pay by other methods.
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