Tuesday, 12th September 2017
Since early this year the Society has been obliged to constantly re-organise the data on its www.rayment.info website in a continuing effort to accomodate the increasing volume of new information that is being added on an almost daily basis.   However, at the end of August the situation became unsustainable, data on the current server having reached the maximum permitted level of 10GB.

For technical and administrative reasons it proved impossible to expand webspace on the current server and so steps were taken last week to purchase webspace on a new server and this came into service today.   Members should not notice any difference when they perform normal searches, except that the URL appearing in the search box at the top of the page will sometimes change from www.rayment.info to www.rayment.xyz (the domain name used by the new server).

Please be assured that this will be quite normal from now on and should therefore be completely ignored.
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