Saturday, 18th March 2017
The Society regrets to inform members that the very popular Family Tree section of the www.rayment.info website is now suffering from severely limited availability.

Serious technical problems have been caused by a combination of the recent completely unwanted modifications imposed by the Oracle Corporation upon Java, together with some equally unwanted and totally unnecessary restrictions included in the latest browser updates, the last of which began automatic roll-out on Tuesday 14th March and appears to have been completed yesterday.

Although a temporary "work around" has now been devised by the Society, it is somewhat complicated and therefore not suitable for general use.   However, if any member is desperate for access to the Family Trees section of the website, they are welcome to contact the Society for further information.

A permanent solution to this problem may involve abandonment of the Society's well-loved DftCom2 dynamic family tree software in favour of one of the inferior but widely available alternative software systems.   A further announcement will be made as soon as possible.

[ Members with a technical bent might care to know that the basic problem is that DftCom2 software was designed to use a Java applet before it became compulsory for the source to be "signed." ]
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